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Heroes of Rokugan I

Heroes of Rokugan II

L5R Homebrew

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The campaign’s final Interactive was designed as a last chance for the players to delve into the campaign’s many unresolved diplomatic and military conflicts – including the Unicorn and Crab civil wars – before heading into the final climactic events that would lead to the Day of Thunder. It also featured specific storyline events focusing on PC-driven plotlines such as the Crystal Tears Dojo, the continuing fall of Otaku Taro to the Taint, and so forth

I ran this not at a big convention but instead at the very first Weekend in Rokugan, an event I created in imitation of the old “Weekend in Raven’s Bluff” event that the RPGA used to do every year. (During the Living Greyhawk era, a number of the individual Regions of the LG campaign ran similar special events, such as our region’s Weekend in Dyvers.) I had just moved my store into a new location that had almost 5,000 square feet, and was eager to celebrate it by hosting a major event. Although my store was in a small Midwestern town and a hundred miles from the nearest airport, I still got 46 players to show up for this event, which at the time I considered a triumph. (A year later, in the first WiR of HoR2, over a hundred players would attend, and WiR would become one of the major touchstone events of the HoR schedule.)

This Interactive ran exactly twice – once at WiR and once in Australia, where HoR had unexpectedly developed a large following – and I compiled the results together to determine the overall campaign outcome. This worked so well that I repeated it several times in HoR2.